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Jon Stewart Perfectly Calls Out The Media For Their Caitlyn Jenner Coverage

“Now you’re a woman, and your looks are the only thing we care about.”

On the most recent episode of The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart praised the media for their overall acceptance of Caitlyn Jenner and her Vanity Fair debut.

And by acceptance, he was referring to the fact that many media outlets immediately treated Jenner like any other woman in the public eye.

Cue a montage of television hosts and commentators picking apart her appearance, makeup, choice of outfit, and comparing her directly to other women.

Or as Jon calls it, "comparative fuckability."

"Caitlyn, when you were a man we could talk about your athleticism, your business acumen, but now you're a woman...and your looks are really the only thing we care about," Stewart quipped.

Jenner herself notes this new scrutiny in a clip from her upcoming series I Am Cait.


While putting on lip gloss, Jenner says she’s been “learning kind of the pressure that women are under all the time about their appearance."

To sum up:

Oh Jon, how we will miss you.

Watch the full clip: