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    We All Need More Evelyne Brochu In Our Lives

    With Orphan Black on hiatus, it's become alarmingly clear that the world needs more Brochu. Let us help you.

    THIS JUST IN: Many of us are not getting the recommended daily dose of Evelyne Brochu.

    Clearly, this is an urgent health concern that needs to be addressed immediately.

    Here are some ways to ensure your life is healthy, happy, and Brochu-filled.

    1. Watch Orphan Black starting from Season 1. You can never repeat this step enough.

    2. When you've finished all the seasons, watch them again.

    3. Take a French class to better communicate with her, if ever your paths should cross.

    4. Ask her to be your boyfriend.

    5. Scroll through Tumblr for a few hours trying to find the perfect GIF of her.

    Ultimately, you will fail. No image can capture the true essence of Brochu.

    6. Make a James Bond Cast that stars solely Tatiana Maslany with Brochu as the "Bond Girl." Never apologize for creating this masterpiece.

    7. Take thirty minutes to appreciate the existence of her hair on this Earth.

    8. Scroll through her adorable, yet incredibly cryptic, tweets:

    * Swoon *

    9. Whip up a few Brochu puns and chuckle to yourself softly.

    10. Scroll through Tumblr again looking for her face.

    11. Study her lip biting technique and attempt to master it...

    ... but know, deep down, you never truly will.

    12. Follow her on Instagram for an extra helping of charm in your everyday life.

    (And an extra dose of her charming face).

    13. Create an "eveclipse" just because you can!

    14. Set up a projector, broadcast her face in High-Def, and touch her hair.

    Try not to cry.

    15. Grow a rare and beautiful Brochu tree in your backyard.

    16. Update your resume:

    Finally, check when Orphan Black comes back and allow time for emotional processing.

    (April 18, 2015 to be exact).

    Be strong.