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Updated on Sep 1, 2020. Posted on Dec 2, 2016

12 Moments That Prove Queer Teens Totally Won 2016

We are not worthy.

1. That time a student from Maryland secretly took his boyfriend to prom and nearly broke the internet with the emotion of it all.

Twitter: @myrenthapimp

“When we were dancing together I teared up some because there were times where I never thought we would go to prom,” the student told BuzzFeed News in May, “but there we were.”

His tweet was shared over 23,000 times.

Print these photos out as proof that 2016 wasn't a totally garbage year.

2. When a photo of four college students holding anti-trans posters stating hateful things such as “Transgenderism is a mental disorder" went viral and one trans teen shut down the conversation.

Andrew Gates / Via

The 15-year-old told BuzzFeed News he took the photo of himself, holding the very direct message, while at work after spotting the original image online.

Twitter: @ianaIexander

The two photos placed side by side have been retweeted over 13,000 times since being posted in May.

3. When trans teens from all over shared selfies for a #transtakeover on twitter...

...just to spread a little love.

4. When YouTuber and makeup talent James Charles officially became the newest face of CoverGirl — and the first ever ~Cover Boy~.


“Breaking gender norms just comes instantly as soon as a boy is comfortable and confident enough to put on makeup. I think it’s so important to love who you are and be comfortable in your own skin,” Charles told BuzzFeed of his acheivement.

5. But reaching makeup stardom doesn't quite count as this teen's greatest achievement of 2016. The "retake" of his class photo spread all over the internet, earning him the award for truly being the Most Extra.

jcharlesbeauty / Via Twitter: @jcharlesbeauty

The aspiring makeup artist told BuzzFeed News that when he first had his school photos taken, the “lighting was not ideal for my makeup so all my hard work at 7am didn’t pay off.” So he requested a retake to get it perfect.

May he slay well into 2017 and beyond.

6. When this teen handled her less-than-accepting family member like a pro:

* Delivers ice for that burn *

Seriously, has anyone checked on Aunt Marie?

7. When Lily Madigan, a British transgender teen, got sent home from her school for wearing girls' clothing and fought back by lawyering up.

Facebook / Lily Madigan

“I was being treated like I’d done something wrong,” Lily told BuzzFeed News in October about her experience being sent home from class.

She ended up fighting for the school to respect her correct name and pronouns and allow her to wear the female uniform. In the end, Lily won.

“I was proud,” she said of the victory. “I was happy in one sense but… I wish it didn’t have to happen.”

Facebook / Lily Madigan

8. When one Twitter user defended her girlfriend from trolls...

Twitter: @MattyLohmann

...and the clapback echoed round the globe.

Twitter: @Artroverted_

Dani’s response, which has now been retweeted over 26,000 times, received a standing ovation from followers.

9. When these two trans teens got their dream makeovers while simultaneously schooling everyone on what it's really like growing up trans:

View this video on YouTube

“I always knew who I was.”

10. When one makeup genius decided his dad could use a little help with his ~look~ on Father's Day.

Spencer Claus

Spencer Claus is a 16-year-old from Scottsdale, Arizona. Claus likes makeup design and musical theater — at times combining the two.

"I receive so much more love than I do hate," Claus told BuzzFeed News of the reactions he usually gets concerning his passion for makeup.

11. When this teen fought for banks to welcome nonbinary customers — and won.

Kaelin Farnish Kaelin Farnish

This year a British bank became the first to welcome customers who do not identify as male or female, by adding a “nonbinary” gender option in its account application form, along with the title “Mx.” rather than Mr. or Mrs./Miss/Ms.

The change was all thanks to Scottish teenager Kaelin Farnish, who identifies as nonbinary.

12. When Florida native Logan Moreno had the best response to someone saying gay people should be put in jail for having consensual sex in their own homes.

Twitter: @loganmoreno_

Earlier this year it was reported that one of President-elect Donald Trump’s potential picks for the Supreme Court, William H. Pryor, believed consensual gay sex should be punishable with jail time. Moreno came in with a very quick response.

His original tweet has been shared than 54,000 times.

For all the LGBT teens who stood up for themselves, for others, and for their community this year — we don't deserve you.


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