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People Can't Stop Talking About How This Girl Defended Her Girlfriend On Twitter

"Good thing she's my girl and not yours."

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Back in April, Twitter user @MattyLohmann tweeted two photographs of the same young woman side by side with the caption "This is confusing."

The photographs spread spread quickly, being retweeted over 2,000 times.
Twitter: @MattyLohmann

The photographs spread spread quickly, being retweeted over 2,000 times.

The tweet caught a lot of people's attention, with some quickly jumping to defend the woman in the photograph. "Women wear makeup for themselves, not bc they feel the need to appeal to boys," someone tweeted in reply.

The individual pictured, Elizabeth Israel, ended up spotting the photo after her friends began tagging her in it. The 18-year-old tweeted her own response.

Lohmann responded by assuring Israel he was not shaming her and only intended to "make a point" about how dramatically makeup can alter a person's appearance.

But things escalated last week when Israel's girlfriend, Dani, spotted the tweet and jumped into the conversation with this.

Dani's response received a standing ovation from followers. It's been retweeted over 23,000 times, surpassing the original controversial tweet itself.

"I honestly did not think it was going to go viral," Dani told BuzzFeed News. She said she only responded because she thought the tweet using her girlfriend's image was disrespectful.

Twitter: @Artroverted_

The exchange is also making the rounds on Tumblr.

A lot of people also wanted to know if Israel had a YouTube makeup tutorial channel so they could learn her magical ways.

Lohmann later reacted to the response on Twitter, writing, "I know the difference between make up and no make up...or I wouldn't have made the tweet lol."

Israel told BuzzFeed News this was not the first time people on the internet had compared her appearance with and without makeup. "I wasn't fazed by it," she said.

Instagram: @artroverted_

"Hatred, immaturity, and jealousy are a few reasons why I think people bash others for wearing makeup," Israel added.

"'This is why people have trust issues' [and] 'This is why you take them swimming on the first date' are two well-known sayings people use to shame those who wear makeup."

She later expressed her feelings on Twitter, stressing that although she loves wearing makeup, she feels it's more important to love your "bare, no makeup, natural self."

"I love wearing makeup because in my eyes it's art," she told BuzzFeed News. "Yes, it boosts my confidence, yes, I feel more lively wearing it, but no, I don't rely on it or love myself any less without it."

Dani, who has been dating Israel for two months, hopes people who see the viral exchange will take something away from it. "No one should ridicule another person for how they look," she said.

And to all those wondering, yes, you can find all Israel's makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel.

Lohmann didn't respond to multiple requests for comment from BuzzFeed News.

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