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    Tegan And Sara's Hairstyle Evolution

    This duo's hair changes so often, if you blink you might miss something. Only their perfect bone structure could make a mullet look so good.

    From the very beginning these two weren't afraid to play around with styles.

    The '90s were an interesting but adorable time.

    But the year 2000 called for an edgier look.

    Even when they rocked identical guitars, hair style could be used to set them apart.

    Sara wanted to see if blondes had more fun.

    Thankfully it didn't last long.

    Frosted tips anyone?

    Some highlights were experimented with in 2001.

    Moving forward with harsh asymmetrical styles in 2004, the pair was back to brunette.

    In 2007 they introduced the mullet that would change everything.

    Note the subtle differences in side burn style. Touché ladies.

    Everyone wanted to impersonate the look.

    Amy Poehler and Casey Wilson as Tegan and Sara

    In 2008 the duo tackled ponytails...

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    ...and battled against bangs.

    Jeff Gentner / Getty Images

    Which led to the perfection of the hair swoosh technique you see today.

    Who knew there were so many variations on the mullet style?

    Like the subtle wispy mullet:

    Or the shaggy Joan Jett mullet:

    As they say...

    They proved to the world that mullets could be absolutely adorable.

    The twins tried out close-cut bobs for their album "Sainthood" in 2009.

    While also successfully pulling off matching stripes.

    Pompadours also made a temporary appearance.

    They rocked the Justin Bieber look before he was even on the scene.

    Tegan's hair moved in the curly and textured direction in 2010.

    While Sara got some inspiration for a new style watching Demi Moore in "Ghost".

    Tegan can only part her hair in one direction, but Sara often changes it up.

    Tegan experimented with long hair in 2011, while Sara kept it short.

    Angela Weiss / Getty Images

    And apparently forgot how to smile.

    Which brings us to their current hair perfection.

    They certainly aren't afraid to think outside the box.

    Sometimes they have the same haircut...

    ...sometimes they switch it up.

    But they are ALWAYS perfect.

    Perfect twins make a perfect rainbow.

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