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Posted on Jun 26, 2015

Sydney Leroux Recalling Her Very First Olympic Goal Will Pump You Up For Tonight

In this exclusive clip, U.S. Women's National Team stars Abby Wambach and Sydney Leroux recall a moment of greatness.

Soccer star Sydney Leroux remembers the moment she scored the winning goal in the 2012 Olympic games, her very first olympic goal, in this clip from ESPNW's ongoing What Makes Us series.

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The series, which highlights the inspirational stories behind some of the biggest names in women's sport, is shot by filmmakers Rena and Nadine Mundo — better known as The Mundo Sisters.

The United States was up 1-0 against New Zealand when Leroux came in, but the game was still very much touch-and-go.

She catches the ball on a breakaway and suddenly the must-win match is on her shoulders.

As anyone would, Leroux looks for Wambach to seal the deal.

"She wanted to play it to me," recalls Wambach in the video.

"Probably all the other times in the world — pass the ball to me."

This moment, though, was different. With Wambach's go ahead, Leroux shakes her defender and puts it between the goalkeeper's legs — right into the back of the net.

You can relive the moment in real time below.

View this video on YouTube

Just another reminder why Syd The Kid is our hero.

Cheer the U.S. squad tonight at 7:30 EST against China! Get match times here.

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