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Show Us Your Awesomely Queer Couples Halloween Costumes

We want to see you and your boo.

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The only thing more fun than getting dressed up on Halloween is dressing up with your boo (pun intended).


And, let's face it, Halloween is one of the queerest holidays around β€” it's no surprise LGBT couples do it best.


Maybe you both got inspired by your favorite film or cult classic:

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Portrait Films

Little Edie and Big Edie from Grey Gardens out on the town.

Can you say, "Beetlejuice πŸ‘ Beetlejuice πŸ‘ Beetlejuice?"

Or maybe you and your S.O. decided to pay homage to your favorite athlete and her ~vast~ accomplishments:

All hail Serena and her Wimbledon Trophy, the best duo around.
BuzzFeed/Lauren Zaser

All hail Serena and her Wimbledon Trophy, the best duo around.

Maybe you did your best Tegan & Sara impression (and totally nailed it):

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And maybe you just finished binge-watching The Walking Dead and decided to stay in character:

Submit your awesomely creative (or spooky) couples costumes below, and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed LGBT post!

You'll help out all those couples who are going to totally panic for a last-minute costume idea.

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