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"Sherlock" Star Andrew Scott Opens Up About His Sexuality

"But there's a difference between privacy and secrecy, and I'm not a secretive person."

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Actor Andrew Scott, who plays the devilishly handsome Moriarty on BBC's Sherlock, has long kept quiet on the subject of his sexuality.


In January, he referred to living with his partner in London — swiftly adding, "And that's all you're getting."

Larry Busacca/Getty Images
Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Very cheeky, sir.

In an interview with The Independent on Friday, Scott expanded on his sexuality:

Mercifully, these days people don't see being gay as a character flaw. But nor is it a virtue, like kindness. Or a talent, like playing the banjo. It's just a fact. Of course, it's part of my make-up, but I don't want to trade on it. I am a private person; I think that's important if you're an actor.

But there's a difference between privacy and secrecy, and I'm not a secretive person. Really I just want to get on with my job, which is to pretend to be lots of different people. Simple as that.

Just when we thought this man couldn't possibly be any more perfect, he outdoes himself.

Many may have missed his subtle remarks, which were slipped into an unrelated portion of the interview.

And his words confirmed what many fans had already suspected for some time.

In the interview, he went on to say that Sherlock fans are indeed some of the most passionate around.

“There is this impression that the fans are crazy, but they're not – they're very respectful. They don't overstep the mark. I get a lot of fan mail. Of course, some of it is a bit creepy, but mostly it's very moving and creative!”

Andrew Scott, never change.

Read the full interview here.