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    For Anyone Still Not Over Kristen Stewart's "SNL" Appearance

    "I'm like, so gay, dude" — Kristen Stewart on SNL, and also everyone watching Kristen Stewart on SNL

    In case you missed it, the first annual Lesbian Super Bowl aired Saturday night.

    Yes, that's right — Kristen Stewart hosted SNL.

    And where to even start? While calling out President Donald Trump she dropped this line into her opening monologue:


    She also dropped the F-bomb, but that's a story for another day.

    And those four little words meant a whole lot to a whole lot of people.


    *Nods in agreement*


    And with Kate McKinnon on stage beside her, it was quite literally what dreams are made of.

    🎶 hey now, hey now, this is what dreeeeams are made of 🎶


    And then there was the queer Totinos parody we didn't know we needed, but now cannot live without:


    Find someone who holds you like Vanessa Bayer holds Kristen Stewart.

    The skit forever changed the landscape of queer cinema without actually being a real film.


    That's impressive, to say the least.

    It was possibly the Gayest And Greatest episode in SNL history, and it was pure gold.


    And now you probably can't think about anything else.

    Stewart's good work is changing people's lives...

    ... and grocery lists.

    People are going back to school...

    ... and, frankly, living their best life.

    So, understandably, it's OK if you need some time to process all this.

    To anyone out there still recovering: Hold someone you love today.


    Take some personal time to get yourself pulled together.

    And get your hands on some goddamn Totinos.