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For Anyone Who Watched "Master Of None" Just For Denise

You're not alone, Lil’ Funyuns.

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And how could you not? Doing much more than simply filling the "best friend" role, Waithe (as Denise) flawlessly steals scenes with her insightful wisdom and subtle one-liners.


After binge-watching the show, everyone's feeling a lot of feelings about Lena Waithe:

the love i feel for @hillmangrad on #MasterOfNone is so indescribable that i have like thirteen unintelligible drafted tweets about her.

The best part of Master of None is our introduction to @hillmangrad . Lena Waithe is dope as hell!


Binge-watching Master of None just to catch @hillmangrad, tbh. I have found my dream woman.

And who exactly is Waithe? She's a writer, producer, and master suit-wearer. 🙏

She's worked as a writer on the series Bones and as a producer for the 2014 film Dear White People. TL;DR: She's done it all but she's just getting started.

This triple threat is currently working on a Showtime pilot starring Common. What have you been doing with your life?

The upcoming one-hour drama was created, written, and co-produced by Waithe. Simply put, you can't handle all these skills.


Her squad is as fly as you imagine it would be, buns included:

And her mom is the sweetest critic.


Her hat game, on and off-screen, is something to be seriously desired.

Sadly ladies, she's off the market.

But you can't even be mad: Look at all the cuteness!

And her girlfriend is a serious boss.