Laura Prepon Leaving “Orange Is The New Black” Is An Absolute Tragedy

Let us begin the grieving process together.

1. In case you missed it, Laura Prepon will only grace our screens for one episode of Orange Is The New Black in the upcoming season.

2. Which subsequently lead to something best described as a complete melt-down by avid fans:

Implosion of Pipex.

The Little Mermaid


My love for OITNB is completely gone if there’s no Alex Vause. Give me hot shot lesbian drug kingpin or I’m gone. #dramatic

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Clare Cullen/Clisare


This is the worst news I’ve ever heard and also a stupid decision by Laura Prepon. Who I now hate. #OITNB

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I bet #AlexVause is reading: “Born to ruin - How to ruin the life of my Fans completely” @LauraPrepon

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6. Because, after all, this turn of events can only be described as an absolute tragedy.

7. It was hard not to fall for Alex’s charm throughout season one and we were confident she would stay in our lives for a long time to come.

8. How can she simply abandon this ship — as if that first season meant nothing?

9. Without Alex, who will give us butterflies simply by walking into a room?


10. Who will bestow upon us all those valuable life lessons?

11. After all, who else can turn the sweatpants and wife-beater combo into a casual/chic enemble?

No one.

12. And it’s doubtful anyone else will perfect the art of rolling up sleeves JUST so:

13. At the heart of this tragedy is the loss of those beautiful eyes.

Regardless of various opinions concerning her eyebrows — she had facial expressions down to a science.

14. Those eyes, with which she gave the strongest side-eye that ever side-eyed:

15. Maybe the most dire of problems; all the Vause merch we now don’t know what to do with.


I bought those thick-rimmed glasses on sale, I can’t take them back!

16. And what about Piper — who will she “heart” now?

17. Without Alex, there will be no one to bring out her rebellious side.


18. Or hold her hand when she is feeling alone and vulnerable (which is all the time).


19. Who will maker her — well, you know.

20. Not to mention, the huge gaping plot hole left behind— who will be her big spoon!?

It’s an important job!!

21. Yes, Laura Prepon’s departure from the show is an absolute tragedy.

22. We can pretend this news isn’t upsetting, but it’s perfectly alright to break down a little on the inside.


23. Because Alex Vause’s departure is something we all have to deal with.

24. No doubt she will always hold a very special place in our hearts.


25. All we can do is be thankful for the good times…

26. …and cling desperately to the hope that she will pop back up when the time is right.

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