Jon Stewart Takes A Look At This Year’s "Homophobic Olympics"

“The great thing about the Homophobic Olympics is that just like the regular Olympics, every nation can take part!”

1. Last night on The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart discussed the 2014 Olympic games – No, not those games, these games:

2. Stewart quickly ran down the top competitors all fighting for homophobic gold at Sochi.

Russia is setting the pace with its anti-LGBT legislation, but other nations are making their own strong displays of intolerance.

3. FIrst up: India

Danish Siddiqui / Reuters

4. India’s Supreme Court recently upheld Section 377 of the constitution, an old British law that criminalizes sodomy.

5. Strong start to these games from the Indian government.

6. Next up: Nigeria and Uganda, both vying for the African slot.

Denis Balibouse / Reuters

Noor Khamis / Reuters


9. How can Uganda top that?

11. Stewart made it clear the U.S. would need to pull out a miracle to even think about competing with Russia’s home-field advantage and sheer homophobic tenacity.

12. Watch the full segments below:

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