24 Heartbreaking Responses To India’s Ban On Same-Sex Intercourse

Yesterday, after a 12-year legal battle, India’s Supreme Court upheld Section 377 of the constitution, an old British law that criminalizes sodomy. Here are some poignant social media reactions from the Indian public.

In 2009, Delhi’s High Court struck down Section 377 of the Indian constitution, an anti-sodomy law from when India was under British rule.

On Dec. 11, 2013, India’s Supreme Court reinstated it, thereby recriminalizing same-sex intercourse in India.

Some Indians have taken to social media to express their outrage at and disappointment in the ruling:


anirban biswas


wrote posters after a long time… Protest against #Sec377 @ Kolkata… @sarkar_swati

/ Via

RT @Ananthaforu: #LGBT protest against #SupremeCourt on #Sec377 in #Bangalore @dna pic

— Eshita (@Eshita_12)



RT @Ananthaforu: #LGBT protest against #SupremeCourt on #Sec377 in #Bangalore @dna pic

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6. Some people are coming out as “criminals.”


18. Some brands have responded to the verdict…

19. As have celebrities.


@ibnlive just came back from Bangalore protest.Chants of We Want Justice, Repeal #Sec377, filled the air

— Gaylaxy (@GaylaxyMagazine)



@ibnlive just came back from Bangalore protest.Chants of We Want Justice, Repeal #Sec377, filled the air

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24. To put things in perspective:

In a statement, the coalition fighting Section 377 said:

The decision by overturning the historic Delhi High Court judgment which recognized that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) persons are full citizens of India, attempts to stem the tide of history. By overturning the Naz Foundation judgment, the Supreme Court has, in one fell stroke again reduced LGBT persons to the status of what the Delhi High Court memorably called ‘unapprehended felons’…

We proclaim that inspite of the judgment of the Supreme Court, the only way the LGBT movement will go is forward and the arc of history though long will turn towards justice. We pledge to continue this struggle with redoubled vigour till such time that Section 377 is consigned to where it belongs – the dustbins of history.

More information about the ruling here.

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Rega Jha is the editor of BuzzFeed India and is based in Mumbai.
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