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Remembering The Most Epic U.S. Women's World Cup Moments

Do you believe?

1. November 30th, 1991: Michelle Akers leads the USWNT to glory in the very first Women's World Cup.

Tommy Cheng / Getty Images

Not only did she have the most epic hair on the squad, she paved the way with two goals in the 2-1 victory over Norway.

Rick Stewart / Getty Images

Akers was the lead scorer during the inaugural FIFA Women's World Cup in China (which, at the time was actually called the Women's World Championship for the M&M's Cup).

Relive the glory:

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2. June 8th, 1995: Mia Hamm jumps into goal and proves she can literally do anything.

Rick Stewart / Getty Images

In the closing minutes of a match against Denmark, U.S. goalkeeper Briana Scurry was ejected on a red card. Mia Hamm stepped up as keeper — becoming the first non-goalkeeper to ever play during a World Cup.

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She even made two saves. Because she's Mia Hamm, that's why.

3. June 24th, 1999: Cindy Parlow's stunning header against Nigeria.

TIM SLOAN / Getty Images

It wasn't a do-or-die situation, but that is one beautiful goal.

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4. July 10th, 1999: When Kristine Lilly used her head (literally) to save team USA in sudden-death overtime.

Jed Jacobsohn / Getty Images

When China's Fan Yunjie got the ball past goalkeeper Briana Scurry it seemed like it was all over. That is, until Lilly saved the day with this calm header:

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5. July 10th, 1999: Brandi Chastain celebrates her winning penalty kick against China by taking off her jersey, thus creating one of the most iconic sports images in history.

Jed Jacobsohn / Getty Images

Yes, this one:

Roberto Schmidt / Getty Images

"As soon as I hit the ball, I knew I hit it well," Chastain remembers:

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6. July 10th 1999: The key save that made winning the 1999 World Cup a possibility for team USA.

HECTOR MATA / Getty Images

Scurry made the winning save by blocking a shot by China's Liu Ying.

MIKE FIALA / Getty Images

"It was an amazing feeling to just know where the ball was going to be," remembers Scurry.

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7. July 2nd, 2011: Megan Rapinoe scores against Colombia and does her best "Born In The USA" impression.


Not only was it a stunner of a shot, but who else could pull this off?

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8. July 10th, 2011: Abby Wambach saves the U.S. with the header-heard-round-the-world.

Robert Michael / Getty Images

Down by one against Brazil in the quarterfinal, team USA had only stoppage time left. Rapinoe sailed the perfect volley to connect with Wambach's head — saving the U.S. to go on and win in a 5-3 PK shootout.

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A moment that will forever be remembered as one of the greatest goals in Women's World Cup history.

Martin Rose / Getty Images

Who Believes? Team USA takes on Germany tonight at 7 EST.