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Evan Rachel Wood's Dubsmash Obsession Is A Gift To This World

ERW has a lip-synching addiction and we are reaping the benefits.

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The phone app Dubsmash, which allows you take short video of yourself lip-synching to famous songs or movie quotes, has recently taken Hollywood by storm. Everyone is doing it.

If this is a lip-synching epidemic, consider actress Evan Rachel Wood seriously infected and possibly contagious.

I immediately started laughing. #dubsmash #ifyoudontknowthereferencegetout

She just started using the app this month and cannot stop.

G'night smashers. #you'vejustbeensmashed #liarliar

Evan! Shhh, no. Don't apologize.

I apologize to everyone who has been bombarded with dubsmashes today. Looooooots of down time on set.

We should be thankful — each and every one is a total gift to all of us:

Each clip is a perfect work of art, a cinematic masterpiece:

Feeling down? She will lift you back up:

Iconic moments in cinema, classic songs, Broadway hits...

...nothing is outside her artistic range:

Another day at the office. Night smashers. 😎 #smashed

She gets everyone in on it, because the only thing better than a solo dub is a group dub:

Goodnight from me @br00talz and @hunt_taylor_ #smashed

Her dedication to each individual role is astounding:

I leave you with this. #dubsmash #firstwivesclub

Her total embodiment of Matthew McConaughey will have you doing a double-take:

And she's got this one from The Shining that will have you running for cover:

Having a long day? Tough morning? ERW has you covered:

Evan Rachel Wood (and her lip syncs) for president!

I am just so excited to start the day! 😂 #smashed

*Wipes away a single tear*

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