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    18 Sickeningly Romantic Ways To Ask Out Your Crush

    To all the hopeless romantics out there... you're making us look bad.

    Even if you manage to muster up the courage, asking someone out isn't easy.

    But let's not forget that life is fleeting and love is beautiful! So, here are some tips from all the hopeless romantics out there on how to ask out that special someone.

    1. Thnk outside the box to make the moment memorable:

    2. There is no such thing as too much cheese:

    3. Don't be a dummy, use a book!

    4. Be super tech savvy and hack their phone:

    5. Use their crippling caffeine addiction to your advantage:

    6. Embrace your inner nerd:

    7. Chalk out your love:

    8. Seriously, writing it out seems to be quite charming.

    9. Combining writing on things AND food is really twice as romantic:

    10. Can't urge this enough: Food.

    11. Make them work a little for it...

    12. ... I mean, you're the one putting yourself out there.

    13. Treat that special someone to a night at the theater:

    14. Be seasonally appropriate and to the point:

    15. Bond over common interests:

    16. Oldest trick in the book is the photo booth sneak attack:

    17. Get back to basics and drop a note:

    18. Cannot urge this strongly enough: Use food.

    You've got the knowledge, now go forth and do something romantical.