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    11 Ways "Orange Is The New Black" Is Doing It Right

    When it comes to having honest portrayals of queer women in high-quality television shows, this Netflix original series may have finally cracked the code.

    Quality television shows are usually lacking in lesbian characters with real depth and true character.

    Orange Is the New Black is not one of those shows.

    There are many reasons we all should be thankful the series not only exists, but will be around for a second season:

    1. The show is written by women, for women, starring a whole lot of different women.

    Jesse Grant / Getty Images

    The show comes from Emmy Award-winning writer Jenji Kohan, creator of the series Weeds.

    2. In the first five minutes, you get to see this:

    3. Because unlike other shows that only give lesbian subtext...

    We are looking at you, Rizzoli and Isles.

    ...or avoid portraying them at all...

    ...this show is full of lesbians!

    4. It manages to give an honest portrayal of the great mystery that is bisexuality:

    No, it's not a mystery, but most shows tend to treat it as such.

    The writers don't shy away from the characters' sexualities.

    5. In fact, it's discussed openly:

    And often:

    And passionately:

    6. The show touches upon one of the most important lady-loving life lessons:

    7. Bonus? You get to crush on Laura Pepron, aka Donna from That '70s Show, all over again.

    8. The goddess that is Natasha Lyonne will be brought back into your life.

    And you'll wonder how you've been getting on without her.

    The moments they grace the screen together, it's almost too much.

    9. And, frankly:

    10. Out comic Lea DeLaria steals many a scene, like so:

    11. Newcomer Danielle Brooks is going to make you laugh so hard you cry.

    Correction: She will make you laugh so hard you sob.

    So, although you will most likely waste hours of your day binge-watching the series...

    It's totally going to be worth it.