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11 Heartwarming And Hilarious Stories About LGBT Parents Coming Out To Their Kids

Sometimes kids know just what to say.

You hear a lot of stories about kids coming out to their parents — but what's it like for LGBT parents to come out to their children?

We asked LGBT parents (and kids of LGBT parents) in the BuzzFeed Community to share their personal coming out stories. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. This enlightening conversation:

"I came out to my mom via a Skype message in college and when we talked about it later she came out to me! It was really amazing to have both of our coming-out experiences with each other be one of absolute acceptance! A better outcome than either of us had ever thought would happen."


2. And this surprising assumption:

"When my partner and I were in the beginning stages of adopting our daughter at age 5, we were on an outing in the car on the first or second weekend we were spending with her. From the backseat, she piped up and asked us, 'So what are you guys to each other? Are you brothers?' We explained that we were in a relationship just like other couples she knows. 'Oh,' she said, paused, and then, 'Awkward.'"


3. This above-and-beyond moment:

"My kids were amazingly supportive, even though it meant that the family they had known their whole lives would be changing. On Father’s Day, shortly after I moved into the spare bedroom, I walked in to find a rainbow flag on my bed, a rainbow mug on my desk, rainbow streamers on my headboard and ceiling light. My 15-year-old son has even been painting his nails in solidarity. And his twin sister goes to GSA meetings at school."

—Matt Nightingale, via Twitter

4. This little show of appreciation:

"My kids took the news that I was trans very well, better than I expected and my youngest immediately started calling me daddy — sweetest thing ever. He also made a card at school — 'I know being transgender is hard but remember you have family that loves you!'"

—Kai Gagnon, Facebook

5. The coming-out moment that never actually happened:

"My mom never actually came out. She just let my sister and I grow up with her same-sex relationships as normalcy."

—Kaylin Evans, Facebook

6. And this hilarious misunderstanding:

"My dad never actually ever came out to me. It was 1990 and I was 11 years old. All I knew was that my dad 'did' something and that was why my mom and dad got a divorce. It took me three years to realize his roommate was his boyfriend. Up until that point, I worried about what he 'did.' I thought he may have murdered someone or was in the mafia. It would have been better if he came out to me early on. Either way, gay or member of the mafia, I loved my dad no matter what."

—Elizabeth Collins

7. This beautiful lesson:

"My dad came out to my sister and me when I was 12. The hardest part about my dad coming out to the family was that he still didn’t come out publicly. In a conservative state like Idaho, he would have lost his job. The good thing was that my parents remained friends even though their marriage ended. My dad met his now-husband shortly after their divorce and we worked to blend our family. My dad coming out to us actually helped us grow closer. We learned to lean on each other in the face of adversity and become a stronger family. "

—Natalie Perry

8. And this family meeting:

"We had a family meeting when I was 12 and I already knew that my mum was gay. My parents explained what was going on. I still cried though, not because she was gay, but because that was the end of my perfect family. I was so scared for her. She’s good now though, and having two moms is the best!"


9. This totally ~ whatever ~ reaction:

"While my 11-year-old daughter was making hot chocolate, I told her that my 'friend' was actually my girlfriend. She said, 'Okay. Do you want any hot chocolate?' Her lack of a reaction threw me off, so I tried to clarify by saying, 'That means I’ll hug her and kiss her like I would with a man.' She looked at me like 'no shit' and said, 'Do you want hot chocolate or not?'

"We’ve been together for a year now, and they’re as close as I’d hoped they’d be."


10. This one, for all the furry children out there:

"I looked my little girl right in the face and said, 'I'm gay AF.'

"Naturally, Lillian, being a Border collie-heeler didn't care and gave me some kisses."

—Hamilton Reigh Skynard, Facebook

11. And this total tear-jerker:

"Growing up in the suburbs of Houston, I learned to care less about what people thought of myself and my two moms and more about what I could do to help other families who looked like mine. I thought marriage equality would come someday for my moms, but I never knew what that would look like. Being able to officiate the ceremony for my moms last year was special as they legalized their union of over 21 years. I hope the next generation has an understanding of where this country has come from, but never has to feel the pain and sting of marginalization and discrimination."

—AJ Costa

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