Whoever’s Running The Liberal Democrats Twitter Account Is Having A Really Bad Day

CORRECTION: I used the wrong word and now everyone’s laughing at me.

1. Things started to go very wrong very quickly this afternoon when the Lib Dems Twitter account tweeted out extracts from a speech given by Nick Clegg.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @LibDems

2. Eventually it sheepishly issued a correction.

3. Then, although the account was just extracting from Clegg’s speech, it read as if it was having an identity crisis.

4. Um okay.

5. And finally the Liberal Democrats Twitter account tweeted this gem, which has 150 retweets as of writing.

6. But before everyone gave up, the Labour Party’s press account made sure it reminded Twitter of this Lib Dem fail from September last year.

CORRECTION: "The aim of our party should be to realign British politics by NOT joining up with one of the other parties" #ldconf

— Liberal Democrats (@LibDems)

7. And people following everything on Twitter had a pretty good time of it.

Next joke please? @LibDems

— Callum Warriner (@CallumWarriner)

U ok hun? Mail me bbz RT @LibDems Just to clarify: We don't construct sentences because we can, we construct sentences, because we can.

— Callum O'Brien (@theclambert)

Argh, the @libdems twitter feed seems to have turned into a fortune cookie.

— Isabel Hardman (@IsabelHardman)

Aww... @LibDems *sending hugs*

— Charlene White (@CharleneWhite)

Hi @LibDems, I thought you might need these soon: http://t.co/JD0WT7MMjD

— David (@discokidnap)

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