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Finishing Your Exams: Expectations Vs Reality

You look forward to it for months. But when it finally happens, it's not all you'd hoped.

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1. Expectation: Finishing exams will be a joyous occasion.

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Reality: Most underwhelming feeling ever.

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2. Expectation: You'll start getting really fit and be happy doing it.

Reality: You eat ALL the food.

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(If you do go to the gym, it'll only be to watch TV because you can't afford one.)

3. Expectation: You'll go clubbing the night your exams finish.


Reality: Way too tired to do anything but sleep.

4. Expectation: You'll start reading all the books you've wanted to read for ages.

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Reality: Just want to stay in bed. All day long.

5. Expectation: You'll take a road trip. Go abroad. Travel!

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Reality: You remember that you have a massive debt.

6. Expectation: You'll go to at least one summer festival.

Reality: You remember that you can't be bothered to be around new people. You've already met everyone you want to know.

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7. Expectation: You be able to write all those job applications you've been putting off because you've been "revising".

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Reality: You spend more time perfecting your foam creations. Hey, it might help you get a barista job...

8. Expectation: You'll finally go out and let your hair down, and it'll look like this.

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Reality: It goes more like this.

9. But in all honesty, life after exams is pretty relaxed.

10. And after weeks of this:

11. This:

12. This:

13. And this:

14. It's alright to just take a break.