This Is Quite Possibly The Most Misleading Chart Ever Released By The Conservative Party

It’s almost as bad as that time David Cameron said the debt had gone down.

1. The Conservative Party released this infographic on Twitter.

It requires a second look before you realise just how misleading the chart really is – employment has gone up but when placed alongside the chart on the right, it looks like the government are doing a much better job than they have done.

2. Unsurprisingly, a backlash quickly started on Twitter. It was a bit timid at first, blaming graphic design.

3. But if cynicism is anywhere, it’s on Twitter and the tweets started to flow in.

5. One guy took it a little far, calling for Cameron to be sacked.

6. There was even a pedantic grammar fiend.

The Conservative’s initial tweet said: “RT this graphic to support our long-term plan to fix the economy and help hardworking people.”

7. (But they do have a point, according to the Oxford Dictionaries Online).

8. A new data-driven media outlet decided to fix their chart.

They didn’t get a thanks, though.

9. The Conservative Party has form in sending misleading messages. In a party political broadcast, released in January this year, David Cameron said:

10. In fact, the Coalition government has not reduced Britain’s debt. Look:

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