This Designer Wants To Reinvent The Boarding Pass

Why doesn’t it fit in your passport?

1. Boarding passes are awful. They don’t really make sense.

Peter Smart / Via

2. They often don’t fit in your passport, which means they tend to fall out or get frayed at the edge.

Peter Smart / Via

3. After travelling on 14 flights in the space of two months, British designer Peter Smart decided to create his own boarding pass that focussed on the user experience.

Peter Smart / Via

4. First things first, his design uses a portrait orientation, which makes sense, as that’s how everyone carries it anyway.

Peter Smart / Via

5. Next, he wanted to ensure everything was legible and easy to find.

Peter Smart / Via

6. And that it fits in your passport!

Peter Smart / Via

7. Smart told BuzzFeed he hoped that his boarding pass – and other similar designs – might prompt airlines to focus on user experience throughout airport terminals.

8. He said:

I think airlines will start to look at the end-to-end experience from booking your flight online to moving through the airport. The boarding pass is only one part of that. I think what currently happens is that we see it as a frustrating, a necessary evil.

“All it takes is someone to ask a few questions and ask why, and think about other areas, like moving through security.

“It doesn’t feel particularly nice to have to take our your garments or stick it in a tray…. that’s just one of many different points that could be improved.

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Siraj Datoo is a political reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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