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    Scotland's Surge For Independence Is Breaking Every Rule In The Book

    The latest polls shows that Scottish nationalists are getting awfully close to overtaking the No campaign.

    There's just six points in the vote over Scottish independence, according to the latest poll, giving an incredible boost to the idea that Scotland will vote to leave the union come 18 September.

    Scottish independence referendum: YES 47%, NO 53% -

    The latest YouGov polling for The Times and The Sun put the Yes and No campaigns at touching distance with less than three weeks to go until Scots vote for independence.

    The Yes Scotland campaign has seen a dramatic rise, while the number of voters who are unsure has dropped to a little over 10%.

    This comes after Better Together has been accused of irresponsible and patronising advertising campaigns, which many have criticised for suggesting that anyone voting for independence does not love their children.

    If Scots do vote for independence, it would defy the odds, because it's long been thought that any faction playing catch-up in a referendum would be unlikely to overtake the leading campaign.

    This time around, however, the Scots could just surprise us all.