Relive Tuesday’s Episode Of “The Apprentice” In 20 GIFs

Warning: Contains spoilers. The candidates travelled to Dubai to buy items at the lowest value. What happened?

1. The candidates found out that they were going to Dubai.

2. Alan Sugar showed us what he might look like as a robot. Even Karren and Nick look unnerved.

I’m not gonna lie, Sheldon Cooper does it better.

3. The groups had to source items for as cheap as they could.

Zeeshaan Shah, who had lived in Dubai for a number of years put himself forward as Project Manager.

4. “Zee” was a little cocky.

5. Myles Mordaunt was voted as PM for the other team - because leading a glamorous lifestyle = business acumen.

6. Jason forgot how to speak English.

7. Myles’ team had no clue about the items on and have to ring the shopping centre.

8. After not being voted PM, Leah said that she would be leading a sub team.

9. Zee wasn’t too impressed.

10. Things seemed to be on the up. They appeared to have a pretty good deal on a six-foot flag.

11. Then they got to the store and it went horribly wrong. Kurt got confused between centimetres and inches.

12. Then Neil forgot how to speak English - and discarded the need to get a quality garment.

13. After 28 minutes (of the episode), one group realised that ‘oud’ was not perfume but an instrument.

14. In the boardroom, Zee was surprised that his team-mates declared that him to not be a good leader.

15. Alan Sugar cracked out one of his, er, legendary witticisms, which gets the candidates in giggles.

16. Myles was scolded after waiting for over an hour for the flag to be produced.

17. But his team were relieved that they had won.

18. Kurt was pretty disappointed that his team lost by under £90.

19. Leah, unsurprisingly, dug into Zee over a cuppa.

20. The moment of truth came along. Zee’s campaign had come to an end.

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