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    Poland's Entry To This Year's Eurovision Song Contest Is Unbelievably Suggestive

    Slightly NSFW.

    Here's Poland's entry for this year's Eurovision Song Contest. It starts off pretty tame:

    For context, Poland is a fairly socially conservative country.


    In fact, there was an uproar in the country's right-wing press recently after a pro-equality group ran sex ed classes.

    In reaction to these "gender workshops", which spoke of a world where sex before marriage is acceptable, it was suggested that "[they] are paedophiles, perverting our children".

    With that in mind, this video doesn't quite fit that trend.

    In fact, it gets ever so slightly less tame the longer it goes on.

    Sure, they're totally churning butter.

    This is an important fact that is stressed in this music video.

    And now they're... tasting butter?

    You can watch the full video for We are Slavic by Donatan & Cleo here:

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