People Bullied This Woman Until She Quit Twitter After She Tweeted At The Police

When pressed, the Metropolitan police said that she probably just realised that social media wasn’t for her.

1. A woman, Marta Sala Font, heard some noise over her house at 2am, so she tweeted at the Metropolitan police: “Why are u flying over east london at 2am? It’s completely unnecessary to b that noisy at this time. I doubt u can see anything!”


This is a cached version of the tweet as it no longer exists.

2. In the reply, the MPS Helicopters account included a full stop before their tweet, making it appear in the timeline for their 91,000 followers.

3. So people started to reply. First, she was accused of being ignorant.

6. Or drunk.

@ausetana @MPSinthesky what an embarrassing tweet; drunk or trolling for sure. Keep up the great work keeping London safe @MPSinthesky

— Flick Kick (@Subbuteo42)

7. And then the mood changed.

@ausetana @MPSinthesky what a selfish little twat what us your address?

— Tom Sinclair (@tomsiclair_tom)

@MPSinthesky @ausetana arrogant and ignorant thing to tweet! I live in Hackney, have done so all my life. I'd guess @ausetana hasn't?

— Paul McKinley (@McKinky1967)

@MPSinthesky @ausetana that has to be the dumbest tweet I've ever seen!

— julie (@lilly09rose)

@MPSinthesky let's see how many of the 90k disagree with @ausetana funny feeling it will be 89999!! Earplugs available from most good shops!

— Wookie B (@wookiebown)

11. And then Marta decided to leave Twitter after two years, probably because of the abuse she got.

Marta Sala Font / Via

12. But this isn’t the only time this has happened. Sarah Buckley wrote a sarcastic tweet just before midnight when she heard the helicopters in the sky.

Turn it in, chaps, I've got a presentation to give tomorrow @MPSinthesky #tooting

— Sarah Buckley (@Sarah_Buckley)

13. The Met’s response, again, was public, and generated over 500 retweets. It was also retweeted by six other official police Twitter accounts.

.@Sarah_Buckley sorry to have disturbed you Sarah, I hope the chap with the knife we found hiding wasn't behind your shed. @MPSWandsworth

— MPS Helicopters (@MPSinthesky)

14. And so the pile-on began.

.@MPSinthesky @Sarah_Buckley @MPSWandsworth hahahaha #OWNED #BOWDOWNBITCHES

— Kay (@pugnaciousK)

@Sarah_Buckley @MPSinthesky Oh dear, your self importance is showing!

— MiguelM (@Miguelencasa)

@Sarah_Buckley @MPSinthesky Stupid stuck up cow!! Perhaps when you are in trouble they will ground the whole fleet! IDIOT!!!! #TOFFEENOSED

— su (@treaklle)

17. When asked whether the force was acting irresponsibly, the Met said of Marta: “Well, maybe they decided that social media was not for them.”

A dry day expected today, wind dying down later, enjoy the sunny spells (shh rain showers tomorrow!) #London

— MPS Helicopters (@MPSinthesky)

H/T to Anya, who compiled this here.

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