Julie Gayet Says People Googling Her Naked Was One Of The Reasons Why She Dumped The French President

But actually, people had already stopped and now they’ll probably start again.

1. Julie Gayet has admitted one of the reasons she broke up with the French president is because she was concerned that more people were searching for naked images of her on the internet.

Regis Duvignau / Reuters / Reuters

She specifically cited the “intrusion into her private life” from the media as a reason for ending their relationship, she told Gala magazine.

2. Gayet, 41, is a popular French actress but she found herself in the public limelight after details of her affair with President François Hollande emerged in January this year.

Jacky Naegelen / Reuters

“She went from being a free woman, the respected boss of three production companies, to having the status of Madame de Montespan (one of Louis XIV’s mistresses), nude pictures of whom people avidly Google,” the magazine wrote.

3. Gayet, 41, isn’t entirely wrong either. As details of the affair were exposed in Closer magazine, the number of searches for “Julie Gayet nue” (French for Julie Gayet naked) shot up. However, they swiftly went back down again too.

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4. And her talking about it will probably mean the number of searches will skyrocket once again.

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