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How The Royals Spend Money Vs. How Regular People Spend Money

The Royal Family costs the taxpayer 56p per person each year.

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The royal household cost the British taxpayer £35.7m in the last financial year, according to this annual report.

Let's compare how much it would cost a regular citizen to do similar activities to the royals.


This is how much it cost Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall to refurbish their flat inside Kensington Palace.

This figure does not include furniture and fittings, the costs for which were paid by the couple.

This is how much it costs two regular citizens to go to Stoke-on-Trent.

Siraj Datoo

This is the the cost of two first class anytime returns from London Euston to Stoke-on-Trent, bought a day in advance.


This is how much it costs two regular people to go on a 15-day tour in India:

Siraj Datoo

This includes a direct flight in the peak of summer (end July), a luxury tour around the country and a personal allowance of £1,000 each.

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