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    How I Met Your Mother's Social Media Team Just Ruined One Of The Biggest Moments Of The Show

    Spoilers from last night's show, obv.

    In last night's episode of How I Met Your Mother, viewers finally saw Ted propose (after nine season) to his wife.

    Some people reacted pretty well.

    Around 30 minutes ago, the show's social media team posted this on their Facebook page.

    And although everyone already knows who the mother is, people were unsurprisingly pretty upset that they had released a spoiler for last night's show. And everyone subscribed to the account who doesn't live in North America got a very big spoiler.

    A number of the people jumped to the page's defence.

    The official CBS Facebook page for the show has form for revealing spoilers. When the the mother was introduced to the show for the first time, the page released an image before it had been broadcast elsewhere. People were not happy.

    But for those of us who don't live in North America and haven't got round to watching the show yet, the 96 hours (yes, that's right) you've put in might not have gone entirely to waste (well...).