18 Everyday Problems Only Muslims Will Understand

But is it halal?

1. You’ve prayed for something really unnecessary at one point in your life – and then immediately felt guilty afterwards.

2. You spend your bank holidays in bed, watching various series on Netflix.

3. Especially since everyone is busy hanging out with their families.

4. Which also means you probably don’t get presents during Christmas and Easter.

5. Oh, and when you’re on holiday, you mess up your sleeping pattern, which leaves you asking serious questions.

6. Speaking of praying, don’t pretend that you’ve never lost attention for a second and forgotten where you are.

7. You *love* the idea of brunch but the best things on the menu are never halal, which severely limits your options.

Breakfast menus would be so much more appealing if 99% of the menu didn't consist of bacon and/or pork. #MuslimProblems

— Bellal (@bellalamerkhail)

8. Here’s another thing: You often get asked really stupid questions.

9. Really stupid questions.

#MuslimProblems - When its raining and ur using a brolly then someones like why do u need it u got a scarf like say my scarf is waterproof

— cba (@_amaldontcxre)

10. Really, really, really stupid questions.

#MuslimProblems "OMG so like u don't eat or drink for A WHOLE MONTHH????? But like u can drink water right???!!!!"

— Zahra (@zahra_313)

11. You’ve accidentally eaten something before you’ve realised you’re fasting at least once in your life.

12. You know someone with an unfortunate name.

#MuslimProblems #Jihad

— Muhammad Peer (@MoeARPeer)

13. Whenever a popular franchise comes to your town, the first thing you do is check its front door in case it’s halal. Just in case.

Lol #MuslimProblems “@neeshadass You don't even know how excited Zara got when she found out Pizza Hut was halal..... ”

— Zaihira Khan (@ZaihirasMemoirs)

14. Especially if it’s Nandos.

kmt why is Kensal Rise nandos not halal? #NotImpressed

— شاباز - Shabazz (@sha3bazz)

15. You’ve also experienced the occasional awkward moment – particularly in airports.

Explaining to your friends why you walked into the toilet with a full bottle of water and walked out with an empty one #MuslimProblems

— Judas (@MostWantedLoser)

16. If you weren’t Muslim, you’d have zero idea what gelatine was. But as it turns out, it’s in all the sweets you want to eat but can’t.

#MuslimProblems *eating sweets* 'I swear they have gelatine!' Me:

— Confucius (@Nabil_Ghaffer)

17. One more thing: You can sometimes fall behind on new songs, or an entire pop culture phenomenon. What the hell is normcore, anyway?

Shots just came on this youtube playlist and I thought it was about gun violence. #MuslimProblems

— Sana Saeed (@SanaSaeed)

18. And finally, you’re almost certainly familiar with people mispronouncing your name.

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