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Women Are Talking About The Things They Got Called Out For That Men Do All The Time And It’s So Upsetting

We've had enough ✋🏽

If you identify as a woman, I'm sure you've been given plenty of unwelcome advice and offhand commentary about your appearance, behavior, and life choices.

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So when Reddit user u/Ulixr asked women to share the things they get called out for that men get away with, they had plenty of responses that were all too relatable. Here are just a few:

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1. "Not having children. If I were a man, people wouldn't ask me about this so frequently."

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2. "Not wearing makeup. I once had a co-worker tell me that I'd be more professional looking if I put on makeup."


3. "Making suggestions at work. When I suggest a new idea, I get told it's unrealistic. When my older male colleagues do the same thing, it's suddenly a very important, great idea."


4. "Not smiling enough. When I worked at a grocery, random strangers would tell me to smile more. No one would ever tell a man that."

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5. "Being too blunt. It's so admired in a man, but not in a woman."


6. "Going to the bar often. It's a given that men can just grab a beer at the bar whenever without judgement. If I did that half as often as he did, I would be side-eyed and judged for not being home with the kids."


7. "Playing video games all day. Growing up it was OK for my brother to do it, but if I did, my mom always had something to say about it."

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8. "Confidently saying I know something to be true. When I say things as a fact, people question me, but they never question a confident man."


9. "Not shaving my body hair. The double standard is so obvious. A guy can have hairy legs and wear shorts, but I can't."


10. "Being too career driven. My ex-boyfriend broke up with me for this and now making six figures a year later."

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11. "Being assertive. In previous relationships or jobs, my assertiveness was seen as being 'bitchy' or too emotional, no matter how calm I was. When men are assertive, they are seen as being 'passionate.'"


12. "Having sex with more than one person."


13. "Not styling my hair. It's always clean and combed, but my male boss says it's unprofessional to not straighten my naturally wavy hair."

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14. "Having a 'resting bitch face.' My male colleagues can make whatever face they want, but I’ll get pulled into the office and talked to for 'looking unpleasant' or 'not appearing to be happy at work.'"


15. "Being a fan of something. It’s OK for men to root for and follow their sports team, but women can’t be fans of their favorite band without being 'too loud' and 'too obsessed'?"


16. "Not wanting to change my last name when I get married because it indicates a lack of commitment. When I asked my partner if he would change his last name, he said 'no' because he's a guy."

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Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.