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    22 Customer Stories That Are So Wholesome, They'll Cheer You Right Up

    Grab your tissues 🥺

    Sometimes, the world can feel like a really awful place.

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    So to restore my faith in humanity, I asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the most wholesome interactions they've had with customers, and their stories did not disappoint.

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    1. "I work at a grocery store and one day, an older woman was buying some flowers. To make conversation, I asked who they were for and she said, 'You, hon.' I almost cried. It made me so happy."

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    2. "I work in the front office of a party rental company, but during the pandemic, I had to help out in the warehouse. One of my regulars saw that I was out there and brought me a giant turkey leg he made. It was delicious and extra nice because I didn't have time to get lunch that day."


    3. "I worked in a local hardware store and the owner insisted we keep the door open at all times, in case people thought we were closed. It was the middle of January and freezing cold. A lovely customer saw this and popped back in 10 minutes later with a hot chocolate and some toast from the local cafe."


    4. "I worked at Cracker Barrel as a teenager. One time, there was a bag in our inventory that I was planning on buying after my shift ended. An older lady brought the bag to the register and I complimented her taste and told her I was going to get the same one later. She felt bad and said it was the last one. After she checked out, she handed me the bag and said it was her gift to me. I still have it!"

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    5. "I've worked as a server/bartender for many years. A 93-year-old customer knew my mother was in hospice dying and gave me a $100 bill to do something special for her. It wasn't the biggest tip I've gotten, but it was certainly the most memorable."


    6. "I work at a grocery store and throughout the pandemic, a sweet older lady who was a regular would always buy some Oreos and candy for her cashier and bagger. We've had a rough time this past year, so these little gestures really help."


    7. "When I worked at a gas station, I had a sweet old man who came in regularly to scratch lottery tickets. His policy was that if he won, he’d share. One day, he won $500, and after he cashed it, he bought me and my coworker chocolate croissants and handed us $100 each."

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    8. "I used to be a bartender and a regular at my bar once gifted me $1,000 because I was expecting a baby. The wife also made me a self-care basket."


    9. "I used to work in a grocery store. One time, we had a customer come through with a Coach purse from when Coach collaborated with Gary Baseman, one of my favorite artists. After I told her a little bit about Baseman, she gifted me the purse and matching wallet. It’s the first and only time I’ve owned a designer item."


    10. "When I worked at a grocery store, there was a sweet elderly man whom we called Mr. Wonderful. He had diabetes, but he loved to bake, so he'd stop by and hand out the cookies and pastries he made but couldn't eat all by himself."

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    11. "I worked in customer service at a fancy department store. During the holidays, I would wrap gifts for people. We were really busy one day and people were super rude to us. It finally slowed down and we mentioned to a customer how hectic it had been. He came back five minutes later with blocks of chocolate for me and my coworker."


    12. "I work as a pizza delivery driver and around Christmas, I delivered to a woman who had holiday-themed nails. I complimented her on them and she was pleasantly surprised. Later, my boss got a text from her saying that she was going through a tough time, but that the delivery driver really made her day. That was the best 'tip' I've ever made."


    13. "I was working as a makeup artist and I had a regular customer who I always made time for. One day, I stayed past my shift to help her and my coworker offered to take over so that I wouldn't miss my bus. The customer heard that and offered to give me a car! I drove that car for years."

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    14. "I worked at a coffee shop and I once had a customer who would do a mobile orders, but always ask for her drink to be put in a larger cup with ice AFTER it was placed. I always took the time to keep an eye out for her order and make it myself. Last Christmas, she brought me a gift and thanked me for being patient with her. I almost cried on the spot."


    15. "I used to work at Disney World. One night, some cast members and I went to dinner after our shifts. A man I had served earlier recognized me and paid for all of our dinners. He had visited with his niece and said she had such a wonderful time that he wanted to pay us back for our hard work."


    16. "I used to work at a fast food place and we had regular breakfast customers, including a woman who would meet up with her brother and sister. One day after work I was waiting for the bus in a snowstorm and she happened to be driving by. She pulled over and asked me if she could give me a ride and drove me home. It meant a lot to me."

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    17. "I work in customer service for a theater. I was helping an older gentleman book his ticket reservation over the phone. He thanked me for my patience with him, and ended up asking me how old I was. I told him it was the day before my birthday and what age I'd be turning. He came to the show weeks later with flowers and cookies for me."


    18. "When I worked at Burger King, there was a gentleman who regularly picked up food for his family. I would always personally double-check his order to make sure everything was as it should be. Right before Christmas last year, he gifted me a $100 Visa gift card from his family. That money helped me buy my own kids' Christmas presents."


    19. "I work at a bakery where the customers tend to be rude. One day, a customer looked at my name tag and said, 'Thank you, (my name)' and it was the nicest feeling to be acknowledged."

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    20. "I was working at a grocery store and was telling a customer about how excited I was to move to a different state. The next day, she brought me a little angel to hang in my car to keep me safe on my journey. I still have that angel on the shelf in my room."


    21. "When I was working at a tanning salon, a guy tipped me £10 for watching his dog. He didn't know it, but I wasn't well off at the time, and that £10 paid for a week's worth of electricity."


    22. "In high school, I worked at Steak 'n Shake. When serving a family, I mentioned that I was saving up for a school trip. I was cleaning their table later and I saw that they left me a $200 tip and a note saying they hoped I got the chance to travel. I was so grateful to them!"

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    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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