The 29 Cutest Koalas That Ever Roamed The Earth

    Snuggle up with a warm and fuzzy Aussie mate.

    1. This guy. The Duke of Awww.

    2. This guy. The happiest dude on the planet.

    3. These guys, sticking together.

    4. This guy. Your tech support.

    5. This. Fucking. Guy.

    6. This winning wee man.

    7. This guy, over it already.

    8. Young Mr Cream Crackered.

    9. Mr "Wassup" Ladies.

    10. This Expert Level Chiller.

    11. This hungry lady.

    12. "This is my mom right?!"

    13. The Orphaned Mr Squeaky.

    14. This thirsty guy.

    15. Mr Chilling In My Basket.

    16. Mr Chilling-in-a-Blanket.

    17. Miss Cutest Ears EVER.

    18. Mr Tickle. Featherdale Wildlife Park, NSW.

    19. Mr Having-A-Chill

    20. Mr Jordan Fluffy Fellow, WA.

    21. Mr Wedged In.

    22. Miss I-just-discovered Selfies!

    23. Mr Ready-for-his-Vacation

    24. Mr Ready-for-his-Mission,

    25. Mr Felix Baumgartner

    26. Mr Weekend-lie-in

    27. Cuteness OVERLOAD!

    28. This guy, Mr ADORABLY CUTE.

    29. And this guy, feeling the love.

    Koalas = Awesome.