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29 Pictures That Prove Australia's Skies Are Batshit Insane

Definitive proof that Australia's skies are the craziest.

1. This very special rainbow over Tasmania.

2. Basically Tasmania's skies every night of the week...

Toby Frost / Via

Seriously, do yourself a favour and visit Tasmania!

Toby Frost / Via

3. Australia, touched by angels, Gracetown, WA.

4. The prettiest sky you've ever seen, Moolaalaba, Queensland.

Alex Wright / Via

5. What about these wonderfully wild skies above Woolloomooloo, NSW?

Matthew Vandeputte / Via Instagram: @matjoez

6. Basically Australia's skies rock any day of the week. On Australia Day we take it up a gear! Here's fireworks, lightning AND a comet over Perth, WA!!!

Antti Kemppainen / Via

7. Watch out for the Gates of Hell, Ararat, Victoria.

Rebecca Potter / Via Instagram: @jjm_photography

8. And keep your head down during UFO invasions over Manly, NSW.

Mauricio Bacchi / Via

9. Some days it seems like we're living in a parallel universe: witness this fallstreak cloud over Gippsland, Victoria. (Sorry, not The Rapture.)

Kate Farrell Beadel / Via Facebook: victorianstormchasers

10. Here's the Michelin Man on the move over Woodlands, Queensland.

Steven Delaney / Via

11. And a truly epic shot of daytime night skies during 2012's total solar eclipse from Ellis Beach, Far North Queensland.

AAP / Brian Cassey

12. Oh, just some camels enjoying the sunset in Broome, Western Australia.

Josh Janssen / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: mediaflex

13. Just another EPIC Sunday sunset, Point Lonsdale, Victoria.

Lachlan Manley Photography / Via

14. You better run, you better take cover. Lightning storm over Perth, WA.

GAMunroe Photography

15. Feeling hungry? Much on this candy floss cloud spotted over the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.

Corey Smith / Via Facebook: bureauofmeteorology

16. OMG!!!! The End of the World Has Begun. What a sunset!

Dan D'Mello

17. WUT?! Seriously INSANE skies over Geelong, Victoria.

Bureau of Meteorology / Festival of Sails Regatta / Via Facebook: bureauofmeteorology

18. I see your double rainbow and I raise you! Circle rainbow, Cottesloe, WA.

Colin Leonhardt /

19. Sunday night special, Northern Beaches, Sydney

Hirsty Photography / instagram / Facebook: hirstyphotos

20. 1-2-3 OMG!!! Magnificent meteor, Milky Way AND moonbow over Wallaman Falls, Queensland.

Thierry Legault / Via

21. What's the story Morning Glory, Far North Queensland.

Mick Petroff / Via

22. One minute the beach was packed, the next...

EverythingBefore / Via

23. Fancy a nice afternoon down the beach waiting for a tornado to touch down? At Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria.

Lachlan Manley Photography / Via

24. Oh wait, we call these guys Willy Willys right? Twister menacing Mt Bryan, SA.

Jacob Elliot / Via Jacob Elliott via Facebook: Midnorthstorms

25. The Southern lights over Howden, Tasmania?

26. Mercury, Venus and the Moon behind the Australia Telescope Compact Array, Narrabi, New South Wales. Boom, Boom, BOOM!!!

Graeme L. White / Glen Cozens / James Cook University / Via

27. But you don't need a radio telescope to enjoy the Milky Way: do as these dudes do at Greenhead, WA.

Rahi Varsani / Via

28. Still not convinced?! How about the Milky Way over the Bungle Bungles, WA

Mie Salway / Via

29. Do yourself a favour, watch the skies. You never know what you might see!

Phillip Calais / Via

Moon, clouds, plane almost obscure sun over Fremantle, WA.

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