The 29 Most New Zealand Moments Ever

Man kicks sheep. And other high points.

1. When Shrek emerged from the wilderness.

Shrek the Sheep hid in a cave near Tarras and avoided being shorn for six years. When eventually caught, his fleece weighted 27kg, enough to make 20 suits.

2. When this letterbox was unveiled.

3. When the Kiwi’s anatomy was revealed.

William McDonald / Via

4. When Gandalf blocked the street in Wellington.

5. When Hamilton’s Fairfield College punked Google.

6. The Great Ghost Chips Giveaway.

8. When this graffiti appeared.

9. When this sign laid down the law.

10. When this man booted a sheep.

11. When this mummified Moa foot was discovered.

12. When Hell spiced up pizza takeaways.

13. The spotting of this sign.

14. When this sign was defaced.

15. When this case was solved.

16. When this mail-order delivery arrived.

17. When this vehicle was removed in Auckland CBD.

18. The erection of this billboard.

19. When this sign was chalked up.

20. And this one.

21. Went the anti-capitalism protests kicked off.

22. The discovery of this engineering marvel at the foot of a 27 story building in Auckland.

23. When this happened.

24. This warning.

25. The day these bargain suits went on sale.

26. This happy sale.

28. This DIY crimping set-up.

29. And the magical day the clouds finally parted.

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