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    10 Total Cryfest Moments On "Supernatural"

    Turn on "Carry On My Wayward Son", grab a box of tissues and get ready, because I'm about to punch you in the feels.

    Fans of Supernatural are no strangers to death, especially when it comes to the main characters. But it's not always just a character death that brings about buckets and buckets of tears. So here are 10 gut wrenching, sob inducing, carve-my-soul-out-with-a-melon-baller moments from the first 8 seasons. Brace yourselves.

    10. That time Sam had to kill that werewolf girl, Madison.

    9. That time Dean beat up the impala after he and Sam talked about John's death. :(

    8. That time Sam had to watch helplessly as Dean was ripped apart by a hellhound.

    7. That time Dean asked Cas to erase Ben and Lisa's memories of him to protect them.

    6. That time Dean talked about torturing souls in Hell.

    5. That time Sam was stabbed...right in front of Dean's eyes.

    4. That time Ellen was married to Bobby…but then she was dead. Again.

    3. That time Bobby talked about Dean and Sam being his adopted sons.

    2. That time Cas… and the jacket… *brbcrying*

    1. That time John told Dean he was so proud of him…then he died.

    Also, this:

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