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    18 Super Cute Items Every Stationery Lover Needs

    Rule the school.

    1. These Mean Girls pencils.

    ohhdeer / Via

    You go, Glen Coco. Buy them here.

    2. These creepily anatomical notebooks.

    Yeshen Venema

    By designer Fanny Shorter.

    3. This jolly elephant tape dispenser.

    4. This wonderful DIY pen set.

    5. This elaborate calligraphy greetings card.

    6. This totes amazeballs card.

    7. This dinky pop-up card.

    8. These darling Nessie Pins.

    Buy them here.

    9. This bicycle card set.

    10. These gloriously shiny bulldog clips.

    11. These terribly honest stamps.

    Buy them here.

    12. These adorable city bookmarks.

    13. This personalised new home stationery.

    14. This adorable grasshopper stapler.

    15. This swanky bespoke stationery.

    16. This robot notebook.

    17. This quirky crayon-scented perfume.

    If you're not going to do any work you can at least smell like you've been doing some colouring in. Buy it here.

    18. And basically everything at Present &Correct.

    Seriously, everything. Their stationery blog is also a thing of dreams.

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