This Movie With Jeff Goldblum And Stanley Tucci Isn't Real, But It Needs To Be

    *looks up how to make a Kickstarter*

    These are actors Jeff Goldblum and Stanley Tucci, and they both know how to look damn fine in a pair of glasses.

    On Memorial Day, Twitter user Tyler Bradley shared an image he created of the two actors, along with a film concept that we demand be created into a real thing immediately.

    film concept: jeff goldblum and stanley tucci own a restaurant and are also husbands.

    The first image is from Stanley's cookbook, The Tucci Cookbook, while the second was taken while Jeff was on a food truck named Chef Goldblum. However, paired side-by-side and coupled with their loving looks, it's easy to imagine the two as a couple whipping up dinner in their fancy Hollywood kitchen or restaurant that they run.

    Twitter, as Twitter does, eagerly chimed in and praised the idea.

    Someone threw Mark Ruffalo in as a dramatic plot twist.

    @tylerfbradley @laureningram ...when their lives are turned upside down by a figure from their pasts

    Which was 100% believable, with a lot of supporting evidence...

    @davidfickling @tylerfbradley @laureningram completely 100% confirmed

    And a movie wouldn't be complete without a villain, right?

    For some, the thirst got real.

    @kerryjeanlister @TheThirstyWench @tylerfbradley

    @TheThirstyWench @tylerfbradley Oh mine is 6782583725% sexual

    We feel you.

    @tylerfbradley @kplyley Film concept or actual wet dream?

    @nathanrodger @tylerfbradley @beatrixcoles

    For others, the would-be film took on a life of its own.

    Married spies?

    A Julie and Julia spinoff, perhaps?

    @riseofbunny @tylerfbradley @Lorraine_Wright Concept: Julie & Julia, but staring Stanley Tucci as Julia Child AND her husband.

    Someone wanted to throw Rihanna into the mix because, let's be honest, everything is better when she's involved.

    @tylerfbradley But where does @rihanna fit into the puzzle?

    And that idea spiraled too, but in all honesty, we're here for it.

    Animation is even a possibility!

    @tylerfbradley hi i illustrated this concept because i've lost the capacity for rational thought. lmk when the cart…

    The point is, we NEED this movie to happen.