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This Movie With Jeff Goldblum And Stanley Tucci Isn't Real, But It Needs To Be

*looks up how to make a Kickstarter*

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On Memorial Day, Twitter user Tyler Bradley shared an image he created of the two actors, along with a film concept that we demand be created into a real thing immediately.

film concept: jeff goldblum and stanley tucci own a restaurant and are also husbands.

The first image is from Stanley's cookbook, The Tucci Cookbook, while the second was taken while Jeff was on a food truck named Chef Goldblum. However, paired side-by-side and coupled with their loving looks, it's easy to imagine the two as a couple whipping up dinner in their fancy Hollywood kitchen or restaurant that they run.


Someone threw Mark Ruffalo in as a dramatic plot twist.

@tylerfbradley @laureningram ...when their lives are turned upside down by a figure from their pasts

Which was 100% believable, with a lot of supporting evidence...

@davidfickling @tylerfbradley @laureningram completely 100% confirmed


For some, the thirst got real.

@kerryjeanlister @TheThirstyWench @tylerfbradley

@TheThirstyWench @tylerfbradley Oh mine is 6782583725% sexual

We feel you.

@tylerfbradley @kplyley Film concept or actual wet dream?

@nathanrodger @tylerfbradley @beatrixcoles


A Julie and Julia spinoff, perhaps?

@riseofbunny @tylerfbradley @Lorraine_Wright Concept: Julie & Julia, but staring Stanley Tucci as Julia Child AND her husband.

Someone wanted to throw Rihanna into the mix because, let's be honest, everything is better when she's involved.

@tylerfbradley But where does @rihanna fit into the puzzle?

And that idea spiraled too, but in all honesty, we're here for it.

Twitter: @LilDairyQu33n

It was recently announced that Rihanna and Lupita Nyong'o will actually be starring in a film that was first proposed on Twitter, so why not Stan and Jeff??

Animation is even a possibility!

@tylerfbradley hi i illustrated this concept because i've lost the capacity for rational thought. lmk when the cart…

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