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    19 Twin Telepathy Stories That’ll Make You Scream “Oh, Hell No!”

    Prepare to have your mind blown.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their crazy twin telepathy. Here are the fascinating and mind-blowing results!

    1. The scary dream:

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    I'm an identical twin, and twin telepathy is DEFINITELY real. One time when we were little, we both had a dream on the exact same night about our cousins dying. Even though both of us rarely remember our dreams, we both remembered that one and told each other the next day! Twin telepathy isn't exactly what people think it is or see in movies, but it is one hundred percent real.


    2. The bloody coincidence:

    I'm a fraternal twin and we definitely have some twin magic going on! One time, she left school to get a blood test, but I had to stay in class. A bit later, I realized that I had a broken blood vessel in the inside of my elbow, but didn't think much of it at the time. When we saw each other later, I realized that it was in the exact same spot as where she got her blood test!


    3. The near-death experience:

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    After my twin brother went out with friends, I became very nervous, tossing and turning on the couch with nightmares. I saw flashes of things like a cop car and sirens. My mother rushed out of the house after receiving a phone call and brought my brother back who was in shock and non-responsive. The next day, we just hugged and cried when he told me that a white car had chased him and his friends through the breezeway, trying to run them over.


    4. The shower slip-up:

    Once in the shower while shaving, I managed to nick the inside heel of my right foot. It wouldn't stop bleeding, so I bandaged it up. Later on, I noticed my twin sister had a bandage on the same spot as mine. After a couple of days, I asked why her cut hadn't healed yet. That's when I learned it wasn't a shaving accident, but her first tattoo! My sister was getting tattooed in the same spot and at the same time as when I cut myself. Even we were freaked out.


    5. The matching mountain climbers:

    6. The swapped symptoms:

    My twin and I used to feel each other's pain. Once as a toddler, I had a fever, but showed no symptoms and was running around playing; my twin, however, had the symptoms but no fever, and was lethargic and crying. When my mom called the doctor to ask his opinion he said, "I don't know who to give the medicine to, so just give it to them both."


    7. The cooking catastrophe:

    Disney / Via

    I was going over to my friend's house to hang out, but my twin sister had a bad feeling about it. When I got there, I started chopping up stuff for dinner. I put my arm down with the knife in my hand, when my leg somehow slipped out or I tripped or something. The knife ended up stabbing into my leg, creating two giant gashes all the way into my muscle and almost hit my artery, which would've caused me to bleed out on the spot. I was rushed to the hospital, had to get 24 stitches, and was put on crutches for about two months. The entire time, my sister kept telling me she knew something like this was going to happen.


    8. The great minds:

    In fourth grade, my twin brother and I got sent down to the principal for cheating on our essays. We'd written almost the same thing word for word, but we were in different classes and never discussed them. Then in seventh grade, he broke his collarbone in a soccer game. I was home at the time and had no knowledge of it, but started to complain to my mom about a sudden, sharp pain on the side of my chest. Turns out that it was the same side where his collarbone had broken.


    9. The sister savior:

    When I was a kid, I would have seizures in the middle of the night when I was sleeping. On the nights that I would have seizures, my twin sister would wake up and have weird tunnel vision. The room would gradually grow lighter and lighter, then darker and darker. For her, this was a sign that I was going to have a seizure. She would run to my parents and alert them, giving them the opportunity to be with me during my grand mal seizures and get me to the hospital. If that does not prove twins' brains have a weird connection, I don't know what does.


    10. The shared heart:

    My twin sister and I were in our separate bedrooms doing homework when she came to show me a doodle of a heart she had drawn on her upper right thigh. I had also drawn a heart on my upper right thigh even though we were in separate rooms and had no clue what the other one was doing. Another time, we had a dream on the same night that our younger sister had been killed. Not the same circumstance in the dream, but weird nonetheless that we both had a dream like that. Nothing happened to her, which is great!

    —Kim Gaebe, Facebook

    11. The heartbreaking connection:

    BBC / Via

    Even though I'm an identical twin, I think my mom and aunt's "twin telepathy" story is weirder. My mom was in the shower when she started having chest pains. Minutes later, she got a call that my aunt was in the hospital with severe heart problems and was about to die. My mom said she literally felt the life going out of her.


    12. The dream team:

    When we were kids, my sister and I used to have the same recurring dreams. One of them was about stealing our mom's car to drive around the block and almost getting caught. The other was about jumping from the bottom of one bunkbed in our room to the top of the other, a feat that basically required the ability to fly. We both had that tummy clenching feeling like you get when you swing really high.


    13. The matching Mother's Day:

    My twin sister and I sent our mom the exact same Mother's Day card this year. This could definitely be termed a coincidence by a ~non-believer,~ but I choose to think otherwise. It's just the most recent incident in 26 years of calling each at the exact same time to ask the exact same question, independently choosing identical outfits, and other general eery behavior.


    14. The faint spell:

    Sophomore year of high school, my twin sister and I were in different classes. I turned to my friend sitting next to me and said, "I think my sister isn't okay." He assured me that she was fine, but I didn't believe it. I knew my sister was sending a signal that something was wrong. I got a bathroom pass and went to her classroom to check on her, but when I looked through the window she wasn't in there. Her teacher told me that my sister had fainted and was in the nurse's office. I knew she was trying to tell me something.


    15. The parking lot pair:

    NBC / Via

    My twin and I were studying abroad in different states. We were each living with a host family, her in California and me in Indiana. One day, I asked my host mom to teach me how to drive. We drove in the parking lot at approximately 2:30 pm. Three hours later (California time, 2:30), my sister texts me a picture of her behind the wheel saying "Look what I'm doing!" We learned how to drive at the same time.


    16. The wordless conversation:

    I'm a fraternal twin (I'm a girl and he's a boy). When I was younger, my brother had poor speech and didn't talk very often. So, whenever he wanted something, he would just look at me without saying anything and I would translate (correctly!) to my parents.


    17. The sleep talkers:

    NBC / Via

    When my twin and I were toddlers, our parents witnessed us sleep talking - as we were asleep in different rooms - and we were seemingly having a back and forth conversation about having played in the sandbox earlier in the day. Years later, we both dreamt about our older sister being in danger and the next morning she received calls from each of us, making sure that she was ok. So yes, I believe there's got to be some kind of tenuous link between twins that goes beyond simple coincidence.


    18. The strangling snake:

    I have a fraternal twin sister. When I was really young, I had this reoccurring dream of being strangled by a snake in the middle of the night. I never mentioned it to anyone, though. My sister recently told me that when she was younger, she would have a reoccurring nightmare of waking in the middle of the night to find that I had been strangled by a snake. Crazy!


    19. And the total acceptance:

    My grandma has an identical twin sister. When they got married, they moved to two separate cities. When one was sick, the other was too. They would buy clothes from different shops in different cities, but somehow get the same thing all the time. Now, they are both widowed and live together — embracing their twin-ness by dressing the same, almost every single day.


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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