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May 2017
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    romanelilib commented on We Wanna Hear Your Awkward, Horrifying, Cringe-Inducing Crush Stories

    I once was head over heals "in crush" with a guy. Once I was texting him and trying to figure out if he liked me or not. I screenshotted our entire conversation to send to my sister. I sent it with me saying "what does it mean, does he like me?!" The thing is, I didn't send it to… 

    4 years ago

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    romanelilib commented on It’s Time To Prove Once And For All That Twin Telepathy Is A Thing

    My twin and I we're studying abroad in different states. We we're each living in a host family, her in california and me in Indiana. One day, I asked my host mom to teach me how to drive. We drove in the parking at approximately 2:30 pm. 3 hours later (California time, 2:30), my sister… 

    4 years ago

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