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    The Creator Of The Papyrus Font Knows You Hate It, And Admits It's Overused

    "It was one of the best things I've seen."

    During the 43rd season premiere of Saturday Night Live, host Ryan Gosling starred in a hilarious sketch about Papyrus.

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    No, not the beloved stationery store, but the font. Particularly, its use in the film Avatar.

    People — graphic designers, in particular — LOVED the sketch and found it insanely relatable because they, too, hate the overused font.

    Every marketing professional or graphic designer just died tonight 😂😂😂 #Papyrus #SNL (I felt like I got Rick rolled with that #ComicSans...)


    I've never related more to an #SNL sketch than I do to this AVATAR Papyrus one. I once refused to go into a restaurant cause of its font.

    Just look at the pure rage on his face.

    I have never identified with anything as much as this #SNL sketch where Ryan Gosling has a meltdown over Avatar’s u…

    Well, in a recent interview with CBS News, the creator of Papyrus, Chris Costello, talked about the history of the font and shared his thoughts on the hilarious sketch.

    "I really think — and, again, if I could take this time to apologize to my brother and sister graphic designers — I'm a graphic designer as well, I'm an illustrator ... I believe it's a well-designed font, it's well thought-out."

    I designed the font when I was 23 years old. I was right out of college ... I was just kind of just struggling with some things, different life issues. I was studying the Bible, I was looking for God, and this font came to mind — this idea of thinking about the biblical times and Egypt and the Middle East. I just started scribbling this alphabet while I was at work, and it kind of looked pretty cool.

    But Chris — who, years ago, sold the font for a mere $750 — admitted, "It was not my intent to have it used for's way overused."

    Welp, there you have it!