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If You Made The Mistake Of Cutting Your Own Hair During Quarantine, We Want To See The Pics

At least hair grows back, right?

With people getting bored in quarantine — not to mention with most salons and barber shops being closed — many are taking their hair into their own hands.

Who else is a week away from doing something irreversible to their hair?

But, here's the thing...not everyone has the ~skills~ to do this:

Quarantine Day 1: I am going to finally finish that book and maybe learn French Quarantine Day 10: *watching videos on how to cut my own hair with kitchen scissors*

It's not just you! Even celebs aren't that great at cutting their own hair, Pink being one of the few brave enough to admit it.

"Haircuts and drinking: Quarantine diaries," she captioned the photo.

And it's not just cutting, but dyeing too.

Accidentally coloring my hair pink that I’ve spent hundreds getting blonde for the last 6 months the week before a nationwide quarantine wasn’t my best idea but it wasn’t probably my worst either

If you're one of the lucky ones who changed their hair and it turned out well, good for you! But, if you're not, we want to see.


Whether it's a dye job gone wrong, uneven bangs, a weird facial hair choice, or something else completely, we want to know!

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Leave a photo of your quarantine hair fail — along with a little description of what happened — in the comments below, and your response may be featured in a BuzzFeed post or video!