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Professional Hairstylists, What Should People Know Before Cutting Or Dyeing Their Own Hair?

Save us from ourselves!

You know what they say: Desperate times call for desperate measures.

What my coworkers see during a conference call three weeks into quarantine after I’ve cut my own hair #TigerKing #Coronavirus

With many barbershops and salons across the US closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, people are slowly reaching the point of taking matters — i.e. their HAIR — into their own hands.

I simply cannot be held responsible for the damage I do to my hair during this quarantine. I say another 4 days maximum and I’ll be cutting my hair with office scissors

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In other words, we are all in desperate need of help. So, professional hairstylists, what do we amateurs need to know before cutting or dyeing our own hair at home?

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Maybe it's that we should start by investing in a pair of hair cutting shears (ya know, made for cutting hair) instead of hacking our way through with kitchen scissors.


Or maybe it's that we should never cut more than half an inch off at a time, since the only solution to cutting off too much is to let it grow back out again.


Perhaps it's that we should make sure our hair is clean, dry, and styled BEFORE cutting our own bangs.

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Or maybe it's that if someone is dead set on dyeing their hair during quarantine, they should avoid ~fantasy~ colors, which are often damaging to the hair and difficult to fix if something goes wrong.

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Whatever it is, we're desperate to know: What do we need to know before cutting or dyeing our own hair at home? Tell us — with as much detail as possible — in the comments below, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post and/or video!

Feel free to include a link to your social media accounts in case people want to follow you or send a tip. And trust us, we'll be back in the shop as soon as it's safe! ❤️