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    I've Been Laughing At These Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Tweets For Five Straight Minutes, And There's No Sign Of Stopping

    "Popeyes sandwich returning tomorrow after months of absence like a deadbeat dad and here we are waiting by the front door smh."

    Back in August, Popeyes released its chicken sandwich for the first time and there was absolute chaos.

    Locations all over the country were consistently sold out, there were "chicken wars" with other chains, employees felt overworked, and it was all people could talk about for weeks.

    The stress on this tweet is palpabale. What is Popeyes doing in the Impact zone? Chicken Wars are upon us.

    Then after just two weeks, Popeyes announced that the sandwich was officially sold out and pulled it off the menu.

    But, starting today, the Popeyes chicken sandwich is back as a permanent menu item...

    Y’all...It’s Sunday. 🏃🏃‍♀️

    ...and just like before, it's caused madness in the streets.

    They not playing with Popeyes bout that chicken sandwich 😂😂 #savannahga

    9:39...Popeyes don’t open til 10 but we ready 😂

    Here are some of the funniest reactions about the sandwich making a comeback:


    Popeyes employees waking up this morning like


    popeyes sandwich returning tomorrow after months of absence like a deadbeat dad and here we are waiting by the front door smh


    absolute scenes outside my popeyes of people trying to get the sandwich



    you: YASSSSS daylight saving time another hour of sleep! me: [waits an extra hour for the popeyes chicken sandwich]


    Me in line for the Popeyes chicken sandwich today


    me right now standing outside Popeyes waiting for it to open


    How I’m walking up to Popeyes tonight at 11:59 PM


    me the night before the popeyes chicken sandwhich drops


    Popeyes employees coming into work this morning after weight training for this day


    Popeyes employees in bed tonight while customers make sure they get up on time.


    Employees at Popeyes getting ready to fake it when the chicken sandwich comes back. #popeyeschickensandwich



    Me in Popeyes on Sunday after church waiting for my chicken sandwich

    Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images


    Me rushing out of church early this Sunday to beat the lunch rush to Popeyes #PopeyesChickenSandwich


    Popeyes employees getting ready for the chicken sandwich restock

    TL;DR: The Popeyes chicken sandwich is back and better than ever.

    I have been to the mountaintop. #Popeyes

    Have you tried it? What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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