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    Popeyes Locations Are Actually Running Out Of Chicken Sandwiches And People Are Kind Of Panicking

    "We are sold out of chicken sandwiches."

    In case you hadn't heard, Popeyes recently released a chicken sandwich. And in the very short time it's been around, there's been A LOT of hype.

    And now people are actually having trouble finding the new chicken sandwich at their nearest Popeyes locations — like, people have literally been calling to ask if they're in stock...

    Attn Los Angeles Twitter 🚨⚠️ I just got off the phone with Popeyes and the la brea/centinela location will debut the sammich on Monday (8/19) and all of the stores should have it by September. You're welcome 🙃

    ...and relying on word of mouth, too:

    Hey, Los Angeles!! According to @Charleszyy - @PopeyesChicken in north hollywood 11011 Victory Blvd has the chicken sandwich!!

    It's now gotten to the point where many Popeyes locations are having to put up signs to let people know they have actually sold out of chicken sandwiches:


    My Popeyes actually ran out of chicken sandwiches today Twitter is OD

    popeyes ran out the spicy chicken sandwich everyone in this bitch mad as fuck right now LOL

    Make it make sense! How are you out of the classic chicken sandwich @PopeyesChicken

    The Popeyes on McFarland is sold out of chicken sandwiches 😂💀

    And, OF COURSE, the memes are already starting:

    “Welcome to Popeyes, we’re currently sold out of the chicken sandwich..” Me:

    Walks a mile to Popeyes to try Chicken Sandwich only to find out they’re all out 🙃

    Popeyes cooks trying to run away from customers when they run out of the new chicken sandwich

    For ~science~ I even went to my nearest Popeyes location to see if I could get my hands on this coveted poultry treat, and lo and behold:

    LMK how it is if you're lucky enough to get one.