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    16 Behind-The-Scenes "Good Place" Facts That Make Me Love The Show Even More

    Mild spoilers ahead!

    Any fan of The Good Place will tell you that there are so, SO many amazing things to love about the show. But, one of my favorites is definitely Jason and Janet's unexpected relationship.


    Well this weekend, D’Arcy Carden and Manny Jacinto discussed the show and their characters at Vulture Festival's "The Good Place's Hottest Boyfriend And Girl (Not a Girl) Friend" panel, moderated by Marc Evan Jackson.

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    (Some spoilers ahead!!) Here's the best of what we learned:

    1. Jason and Janet's relationship wasn't planned from the start.


    "Jason and Janet...wasn't something we intended to pursue. It was something we discovered as we wrote the story of Janet's murder," writer Dan Schofield shared.

    2. The writers didn't want Janet, "the smartest being in the universe" to slum it by dating Jason, who "thinks snow is dead clouds."


    But to Janet, "all humans are essentially ding dongs and their relationship is purely about emotions. Out of everything she knows, the one thing she didn't know how to do was feel. And with him, she's learning [how to feel]," D'Arcy explained.

    3. It's no surprise that Janet and Jason's connection happens after she's just been rebooted because "she's a baby, and he's as smart as he's ever been."


    "It makes sense that that's when they would connect."

    4. Almost all of the times that Janet has sat down on the show (and there haven't been many) have been with Jason.

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    5. D'Arcy "loved playing Jason so much."


    "Like, I could've played Jason for [all of] Season 4. The hard part was wasn't like I got to live in Jason for a day. It was like a half hour, then I played Tahani, then I'd go to Eleanor, so it wasn't like I could settle into it. But, damn, I loved to play Jason! It was so fun. And Manny had defined this character so well, and so clearly, that it was easy to play around in it."

    6. There are bunch of scenes that "we've never seen and will never see."


    "21-22 minutes on the air goes really quick and some things have to go and..sometimes it's our things that have to go...but we use those things in our back story. Even if you haven't seen them, they're still a part of our story, so we just really connected with these characters and their love story."

    7. Jason isn't based on just one person.


    But Manny Jacinto does watch a video sometimes to get into character that is of one person. Though he didn't share who that was!

    8. D'Arcy said playing Bad Janet pretending to be Good Janet was "so hard."


    "Those few weeks or months or so of filming those episodes where I was Bad Janet pretending to be Good Janet, I was not brain was wrong. I was like, 'I cannot wait until the secret's out.' I had a little taste of what Ted must've felt in all of Season 1, where Ted was playing the long game. Like, he had to trust the writers and the audience that we were going to stick with him and his choice, and his acting and all of it, and then the big reveal happens. I wanted to fast-forward. The audience that we love and that we've formed this bond with, we were lying to them!"

    9. Manny thinks that Asian representation in Hollywood is "moving, slowly but surely."

    I always...give so much props to the guy before me who had to endure a different kind of Hollywood system. But...this is a great time to create and tell your story. So tell your story because it helps people see different faces, different cultures. And I'm a small part of everything that's going on. It's a blessing to be a part of this show that has all these different faces. If I really think about it, it's a lot of responsibility, but it's not just me that has the responsibility, it's all of us.

    10. When Jason and Janet kissed for the first time, director Lynn Shelton had to tell D'Arcy over and over "to be Janet-er, be more Janet" and to "stop enjoying this so much."


    LOL, a mood.

    11. Manny approaches Jason and the character as though "he thinks that he's in, like, a game and the objective of this game is to somehow win by — well he can't even win!"


    "He doesn't actually know everything that's going on, but he's having fun."

    12. The cast loves working with Jason Mantzoukas, who plays Derek.


    "He's an insane genius and one of our favorite people to work with. We don't improvise a lot, we really, really don't. We pretty much stick to the words exactly on the page. But when Jason is there, we pretty much rip the script up," D'Arcy said.

    13. There's a chance that Eleanor and Chidi have learned a thing or two from Janet and Jason's relationship.


    "This elementary relationship has been the model to show, ostensibly, more evolved characters how to go about it," Marc said.

    14. The dancing aspects of Jason are very [Manny].


    "When we had our first meeting, [Michael Schur] asked me what my interests were and I told him I liked to dance and he said, 'Oh, great, we'll put that in,'" Manny said.

    15. Manny can cry on command.


    "That first episode that we shot where Janet and Jason break up...we did it like a little bit funny. But [the director] said, 'Let's do it really real and show me pain or whatever,' and Manny just produced tears! With no preparation or anything!" D'Arcy said.

    16. Finally, (and most importantly!) the cast is friends IRL.

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