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Those Golden Globe Elevator Videos Are Back And These Are The Most Creative Ones

We love to see it.

1. Snoop Dogg blew smoke...

2. ...and then shared snacks with Martha Stewart.

3. Then Martha decorated a cake...

4. ...and Hailey Bieber found it.

5. Gugu Mbatha-Raw checked for rain and probably got some bad luck in the process.

6. Kat Graham directed, and I want to be in whatever movie she makes.

7. Sophia Bush, Bryan Greenberg, and Danneel Ackles had a One Tree Hill reunion and were feeling the school spirit.

8. Kaitlyn Dever refused to turn her back on the camera.

9. Danneel and Jensen Ackles lifted weights...or at least he tried to.

10. Jessica Alba and Kelly Sawyer got takeout.

11. Janet Mock blew bubbles out of a martini glass, and James Bond could never!!

12. Cynthia Erivo fangirled out.

13. Jason Ralph and Rachel Brosnahan fought to the death...or, at least, tried to.

14. Salma Hayek kept her makeup secrets to herself.

15. Naomi Watts got intimate with herself.

16. Joey King and Patricia Arquette put on a show...that ended with an injury.

17. Kerry Washington got physical.

18. Kathryn Newton got stuck.

19. Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams got into some compromising positions.

20. Kiersey Clemons gave Say Anything a run for its money.

21. Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg gave the art world something to talk about.

22. Laverne Cox smuggled in a few guests.

23. Alyssa Milano put frat boys to shame.

24. Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott ate popcorn and pretended they weren't both murdered in American Horror Story.

25. Tiffany Haddish threw a bouquet that no bridesmaid could catch.

26. Rowan Blanchard got a big head about her.

27. Yara Shahidi sang a song.

28. And I don't really know what Natasha Lyonne and Fred Armisen are doin', but it's hilarious.

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