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    Glenn Close And Michael Douglas Reunited At The SAG Awards

    Hide the bunnies!

    Alright, listen up youths!! WAYYYYYYY back in 1987, before Snap streaks and avocado toast and memes and Netflix, a movie called Fatal Attraction premiered.

    Basically, Glenn Close and Michael Douglas have an affair and then Glenn's character gets all scary when he tries to break it off, and things end fatally.

    Anyway, the movie's stars reunited 32 years later at tonight's SAG awards and it was so nice to see.

    Just look at those loving, non-murderous gazes!

    Sure, a possessive hand on the shoulder maybe, but at least she's not trying to choke him! That's what we call progress, people!

    Glenn's even smiling while Michael talks to another woman! If this was Fatal Attraction, there's no way Patricia Arquette would've survived this long.

    We love a friendly reunion!