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If You Pass This A-Z Christmas Quiz, I'll Reward You With A Photo Of A Cute Puppy

Ace it, and consider yourself on the nice list.

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  1. A: What's the thing people use to count down the days 'til Christmas, which often includes pieces of chocolate?

  2. B: What's the holiday that people in the UK celebrate the day after Christmas?

  3. C: What's the snack that people roast over an open fire?

  4. D: What Christmas movie does Bruce Willis star in?

  5. E: What's the first name of the protagonist in Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol?

  6. F: What was one of the gifts the Three Wise Men gave to baby Jesus?

  7. G: What was the name of the character Jim Carrey played in 2000?

  8. H: Gayla Peevey sings a holiday song about wanting what for Christmas?

  9. I: Jonathan Taylor Thomas starred in what 1998 holiday film?

  10. J: The Plastics danced to what holiday song in Mean Girls?

  11. K: What's another name for Santa Clause?

  12. L: What song contains the lyrics, "Come they told me Pa rum pum pum pum / A new born King to see Pa rum pum pum pum?"

  13. M: What singer has the #1 most-played song on Spotify this holiday season?

  14. N: Where does Santa live?

  15. O: What do people decorate their Christmas trees with?

  16. P: In the song "Twelve Days of Christmas," what was received on the first day?

  17. Q: Silent night could also be called what?

  18. R: What's the name of the reindeer that guides Santa's sleigh?

  19. S: What transportation does Santa use to get from one house to the next?

  20. T: What do people use to go sledding?

  21. U: On Christmas morning, what do people do to their gifts?

  22. V: What's the name of Santa's reindeer that starts with V?

  23. W: What famous holiday song does Bing Crosby sing?

  24. X: The holiday is sometimes abbreviated as what?

  25. Y: What is burned in many European Christmas traditions?

  26. Z: What actor plays Jovie in Elf?

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