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Fans Are Freaking Out After Drake Dropped J.Lo's And Rihanna's Name In His New Song

"2010 was when I lost my halo / 2017 I lost a J.Lo."

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The year is 2016. Beyoncé has dropped Lemonade, the Cubs have won the World Series, and there are rumors circulating that Drake and J.Lo are dating.

It's a tale as old as time. He attends a few of her concerts, she goes to one of his dinner parties, they snap a few pics for the 'gram, etc. etc. For Hollywood, that basically means they're married.

But, the two ~maybe~ lovebirds, never confirmed their relationship, and their would-be fling was over in the blink of an eye.

Cut to yesterday: Late last night, Drake dropped "God's Plan" and "Diplomatic Immunity," two new singles on his EP, Scary Hours.

Instagram: @champagnepapi

Now, in his track "Diplomatic Immunity," around 2:30, Drake raps the lyrics, "2010 was when I lost my halo / 2017 I lost a J. Lo."

The CW

2017 HE LOST A J. LO!!! I'm shook.

But, wait! There's more. The VERY. NEXT. LYRIC. is, "A Rotterdam trip had me on front page, though." You're probably thinking, "Cool, Drake went to Holland," BUT, NO! (Ok, well maybe. He does travel a lot.) My point is, when he says it aloud, it sounds verrrrrry similiar to "A. ROD...derdam trip."

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Give it a listen.

As in Alex Rodriguez, J.Lo's current beau whom she's been dating for almost a year.



He also seems to mention Rihanna in the lyric, "Caterin' is from Giorgio Baldi, Robyn's favorite / Shit is nice, but I prefer Madeo." Robyn is Rihanna's given name.

As usual, Twitter had some thoughts on the whole thing.

That lyric about JLO in diplomatic immunity? Drake is messsssy and I live for it. Water signs huh.

Why Drake still rapping about JLo 😂 mans really got his feelings hurt

I wanna know what Rihanna did to posses drake to still mention her in his music. Not even her stage name but her go…

In 2010 I lost my halo, in 2017 I lost a JLo and then the next 2 syllables out his mouth are literally A Rod... I love drake so much

Same, TBH.

in diplomatic immunity when drake says “2017 i lost a jlo, arod and trip had me on front page tho” i was sHOOK

  1. IDK, maybe I'm reading too much into all of this. What do you think?

    IDK, maybe I'm reading too much into all of this. What do<br />you think?
    I'm still not convinced.
    They<br />definitely  dated.
    They dated, but that A. Rod theory is a stretch.
    Why did I read this?
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IDK, maybe I'm reading too much into all of this. What do you think?
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